South African COVID-19 Variant Detected In Stanislaus County

Two cases were of the more contagious coronavirus variant have been confirmed in Stanislaus County.

Video Transcript

- The first two cases of the South African COVID-19 variant have been found in Stanislaus County. Officials say the strain is more infectious with a 50% higher transmission rate. They do not believe, though, the cases are related to travel. California is going to see a 90% cut in the number of Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses delivered next week. The state expecting now to only receive about 68,000 compared to the 575,000 doses we got this week. Health officials are not giving a reason for the drop, but last week Johnson & Johnson did say it had to get rid of 15 million doses because of a mix up at the production plant. The reduction is now going to lead to fewer appointments for first time shots being allowed across the state.