South Bay businesses take methodical approach under red tier

As part of state's reopening framework, the easing of certain restrictions in the red tier will provide a much-needed boost to struggling businesses, but not all of them are in a rush to immediately resume indoor operations.

Video Transcript

CHRIS WINN: On the Alameda in San Jose, members at Red Dot Fitness are counting down the days until they're able to head back inside. As part of the red tier, gyms and fitness centers can reopen indoors at 10% capacity. Red Dot co-owner Scott Howell hopes to be ready by Monday.

SCOTT HOWELL: We'll have to reduce class sizes slightly. But it will also allow us to expand our class schedule. We've been limited by daylight and weather outside. So inside, we don't have to worry about that.

CHRIS WINN: Santa Clara County moved into the red tier today. But a number of businesses are being careful with their operations, especially having to pivot so many times over the past year. At Sushi Confidential in Campbell, owner Randy Musterer isn't in a rush to resume indoor dining, which is now allowed at 25% capacity.

RANDY MUSTERER: We'd only be able to fit about 15 to 20 people seated in here. So it actually kind of messes up our current operations with patio dining and our robust to go market at the moment.

CHRIS WINN: Down the street, Bombshell Boutique owner Brooke Ramirez is hopeful that more customers will stop by now that retail store capacity is back up to 50%.

BROOKE RAMIREZ: We are all so deeply touched when people take the time to come in to our place of business right now. Because we just we appreciate everyone so much more, more than we ever have really.

CHRIS WINN: Although zoos, museums, and aquariums can now operate inside at 25% capacity, it doesn't mean that all of them are quite ready. Children's Discovery Museum, one of the most popular attractions in San Jose, is taking a staggered approach to reopening and will first make outdoor exhibits available to the public on Friday. Executive director Marilee Jennings plans to reopen the inside space early next month.

MARILEE JENNINGS: Thinking through absolutely every experience to make sure that every interaction a child or an adult has is completely safe.

CHRIS WINN: Businesses throughout the Valley hopeful that the county continues to move in the right direction.

SCOTT HOWELL: Being inside really brings people home. And it'll just be really good to be home.

CHRIS WINN: In the South Bay. Chris Winn ABC 7 News.