South Bay Food Bank Seeks Volunteers: Report

Gideon Rubin

SAN JOSE, CA – A South Bay food bank is seeking volunteers to help address a spike in demand amid the pandemic, ABC News reports.

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, which operated three distribution drive-thrus before the coronavirus crisis has expanded to 130 locations according to the report.

Second Harvest CEO Leslie Bacho told the TV station that her group needs more volunteers to help meet the growing demand.

Bacho told ABC News that corporate groups, seniors and students who have provided a steady supply of volunteers have shrunk amid the pandemic.

She said the need for volunteers at this moment is critical.

"The drive-thru distribution goes much slower if we don't have the volunteers that we need. In our warehouse, it can mean we're not able to pack the number of boxes we need for that distribution the next day," she told ABC News.

The demand for help putting food on the table has skyrocketed throughout the country since the inception of the pandemic as unemployment has spiked to its highest level since the Great Depression, the Associated Press reports.

"We are literally serving twice as many people,” Bacho told ABC News.

“We're providing twice as much food as we were pre-pandemic, and we are really dependent on volunteers."

How to help:

To volunteer with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley click here.

Read more at ABC News

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