South Brunswick’s Remote Learning Centers Could Reopen Soon

Sarah Salvadore

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ — The South Brunswick School District is currently working to reopen Remote Learning Centers (RLS). In a message to the school community on Tuesday, school Superintendent Scott Feder said the centers could reopen as soon as Nov. 23.

“Principals are working with families to bring back the original RLC students to their buildings for a start that could be as soon as Monday, Nov. 23. Once we have those students back in place, we will begin to work towards getting more students into the schools if it is feasible,” he said in his message.

Due to the growing number of coronavirus cases, South Brunswick paused transition to the hybrid model which was to begin this Monday.

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In his communication, Feder said he has heard a lot about “pandemic fatigue” and can understand why. But he said the district was working hard to start in-person learning.

"Unfortunately, I have no crystal ball, but will be looking for a crack in the pavement to get us back on track with in-person learning,” he said.

He reminded everyone of the number of COVID cases within the school population and how it would have caused disruption had the students been in school buildings.

“At this moment, it does not appear that we are going in the right direction. As you saw from our daily COVID Report we had four positive cases of students in our schools yesterday alone. Last week, we had 11 cases in the schools - albeit all were not in the schools - if they were it could have easily caused that up and down closure situation that comes with case transmission within schools,” he said.

With the holidays nearing, Feder urged parents and students to remain cautious, especially since students will be back attending the Remote Learning Centers.

"I just wanted to remind everyone with the holidays upon us that families might be traveling out of state. As I do not know at this time when we will be opening for in-person learning, some children might be in the buildings attending the Remote Learning Centers,” he said.

“Please remember that if you travel out of state over the break, that your child cannot return to the buildings until he/she quarantines for 14 days.”

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This article originally appeared on the South Brunswick Patch