If South Carolina Was a Country, Joe Biden Would be President For Life

Daniel R. DePetris

By now you have heard the news: Joe Biden gave his primary rivals a thumpin’ in South Carolina, a state the former veep leaned on as the one levee between himself the floodwaters of electoral failure. Biden needed to notch the Palmetto State into his column, and he delivered with flying colors, winning every single county and 76% of the delegates.  

The old pol also ran up huge margins among a variety of voting demographics,  winning 61% of the African American vote, 51% of voters between the ages of 45-64, a 42% plurality of Democrats who considered themselves very liberal, and 50% who believed health care was the most important issue. Biden looked newly invigorated on stage after the race was called immediately in his favor, cracking the wide smile Uncle Joe is known for and promising to take the fight to Super Tuesday with the wind at his back. Let’s just say if South Carolina was its own country, Joe Biden would be president for life.

The next giant leap forward: this Tuesday, March 3, when 14 states across the country pull the lever to determine who is the best Democratic nominee to joust with Donald Trump in the fall. Biden’s victory in South Carolina will mean nothing if he doesn’t put up a respectable showing on Tuesday; no candidate in this race can claim they hold the key to a Democratic takeover of the White House if they go to bed at night blown out of the water. 

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