South Carolina GOP event to feature Kristi Noem

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Gov. Kristi Noem will soon introduce herself to South Carolina Republicans in an appearance that may be the first of many visits to the early-primary state for the prospective 2024 presidential candidate.

Noem is scheduled to be a special guest at the annual "Faith & Freedom BBQ" in the upstate town of Anderson on Aug. 23, the meeting's host, Rep. Jeff Duncan, announced Friday.

Duncan, a six-term South Carolina Republican, propped Noem up as "a friend to business owners" and one who "exemplifies a passion for the rule of law" in his announcement.

“Having served with Kristi Noem in Congress, I know first-hand that she is a fighter who believes government was created for the people and that it shouldn’t run our lives," Duncan said in a statement. "I’m proud to have stood by Kristi to fight burdensome taxes and government intrusion, uphold the Second Amendment and ensure our individual liberties are protected."


Noem said she is "looking forward to joining Jeff and the commonsense conservatives" at the event.

"Standing on conservative beliefs is more than rhetoric for me," Noem said. "Whether cutting taxes, supporting foster homes, or ensuring you do not need a COVID-19 passport, it’s time conservatives stand together as we fight for the values that created America — not the values of failed Communist regimes.”

South Carolina's primary is among the earliest each election cycle, following Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada in their picks for president. Political activity from national figures in early primary states is often indicative of their electoral ambitions. Former Vice President Mike Pence has already made trips to South Carolina and New Hampshire, fueling speculation of his own 2024 run.

Noem served four terms as the at-large congresswoman for South Dakota before being elected as the state's first female governor in 2018. Her support for former President Donald Trump and her approach favoring more normal business operations throughout the coronavirus pandemic built Noem more acclaim within the party nationally.

Noem has also taken on the Biden administration directly, suing over its decision to cancel July 4 fireworks at Mount Rushmore and sending National Guard troops to the southern border, suggesting she is building credentials ahead of 2024.


This year's barbecue is the event's 10th rendition, according to Duncan's campaign website.

Pence, Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley have been featured guests in previous years.

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