South Carolina health officials address ‘forever chemicals’ in state’s waterways

South Carolina health officials talked about new measures aimed at keeping the state’s waterways safer.

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to make an announcement soon about limiting certain polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as forever chemicals, allowed in drinking water.

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A report from the National Waterkeeper Alliance late last year revealed that those chemicals were found in several South Carolina waterways including the Catawba River.

Forever chemicals are used in a lot of products and by different industries.

The EPA’s new standard of drinking water is aimed to limit human exposure to chemicals.

“What that means for drinking water providers is they’re going to have to look at those numbers, see how their systems match up,” said Bill Stangler, the Congaree Riverkeeper. “Are they above those numbers? And if they are, they’re going to have to start making significant investments in treating their water, so that they can provide safe clean drinking water to their customers.”

Water providers should be given plenty of time to make any adjustments needed.

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