South Carolina from space? Astronaut’s photo shows view from International Space Station

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The International Space Station was traveling 5 miles per second over South Carolina when an astronaut on board snapped a photo.

The station was 250 miles above Charleston on Thursday, Shane Kimbrough, a NASA astronaut on board, said on Twitter.

“Good Morning Charleston,” Kimbrough said. “Looks like a great day to get outside and enjoy the views from Mount Pleasant.”

Kimbrough has been a NASA astronaut since 2004. He’s the commander of the NASA SpaceX Crew-2 mission to the International Space Station and has been on the space station for almost three weeks, according to NASA.

He and the crew will spend six months on the International Space Station for their “science mission,” NASA said. Kimbrough has already spent 189 days in space in previous missions, and he’s done at least six spacewalks.

“Excited to share NASA and the International Space Station with you,” Kimbrough said on Twitter.

People in Charleston said they could spot their house from Kimbrough’s photos and were stunned by the images.

“So crazy,” one person on Twitter said. “I can see where my house is. Definitely a beautiful day down here!”

Charleston isn’t the only city that’s caught Kimbrough’s attention. Just this week the astronaut posted the view from 250 miles above the shoreline of Dubai, Mexico and Denver.

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