South End bar customers blocking parking spots and making threats, business owner says

At least one business in the South End area of Charlotte is having issues with bar patrons blocking entrances and nearby homes, but the issue has escalated into threats of violence.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, parking spots at Lasting Impressions Auto Detailing are taken up by people who go to the nearby bars and clubs, even though the owners have put up multiple signs warning drivers that it’s a tow-away zone.

Vehicles have been towed away before, and when the driver returns to find their car gone, things escalate. Lasting Impressions has received many threats, including someone saying they’ll shoot up the place. One driver was so upset with the owners they pulled a gun on them, according to Kayla Robson, the owner of Lasting Impressions.

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Robson told Channel 9′s Hunter Sáenz that many people returning to their car have been using the building as a bathroom.

“After 2 a.m. when bars shut down, people forget they have to go to the bathroom for some reason,” Robson said, “There have been plenty of times where people parked on our property and relieve themselves on our building.”

Residents in the area have attempted to stop the parking by setting up cones in front of their driveways. Despite this effort, bar customers continue to park there, blocking their driveways.

Both neighbors and the business owners have reached their limit and want action. Tune in at 5 to see what the city can do.

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