South Florida Street Renamed In Honor Of Fallen FBI Agent

On Friday, Miami-Dade County paid tribute to fallen FBI agent Laura Schwartzenberger.

Video Transcript

- --at 5:30, a touching tribute. An FBI Special Agent who was killed in the line of duty now has a street named after her. That honor is all thanks to students at Rockway Middle School.

- Yeah, Laura Schwartzenberger was a regular visitor at the school before she was killed earlier this year. CBS 4's Joan Murray has the details of today's ceremony.

- As a tactical Blackhawk Chopper circled overhead, law enforcement and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Javier Soto unveiled a green and white sign, renaming a portion of Southwest 93rd Court from Coral Way to 32nd Street, Laura Schwartzenberger Way.

- [INAUDIBLE]. One time shot to his shoulder. He was an FBI agent.

- The 43-year-old FBI Special Agent wife and mother of two young boys was killed February 2 in Sunrise along with Special Agent, Dan Alfin, when they and four other agents, also, hit by gunfire, tried to serve a search warrant related to a child exploitation case. The FBI said, David Lee Huber opened fire with a high powered rifle, shooting through windows and doors before turning the gun on himself.

- Initially, it was hard, you know? You look yourself in the mirror, and you wonder, how are we going to keep this going?

- FBI Special Agent, Justin Fleck, was good friends with Laura Schwartzenberger. As we learned in the days following her death, Schwartzenberger was a force, passionate about her work and helping children. Every year, she would speak at Rockway Middle School, and gave a real world vision of what it was like to tackle predators.

JUSTIN FLECK: She saw, unfortunately, the worst of the worst of our community, and she knew what lurks out there on the internet. And she knew how these kids could avoid that and protect themselves, so she wanted to share that info.

- That's why Rockway Middle made the street re-naming request to have a permanent way to remember Schwartzenberger. After her death, students grieved on social media, writing, "Rest in peace, Laura. Thank you for your service."

JOSEPHINE OTERO: She loved children, and she wanted to protect children. She wanted to make sure that they knew about the dangers out there and that they would not be a victim of those dangers.

STEADMAN STAHL: It's refreshing that, at the time, in this day and age right now, when we see so much antipolice, that the community steps up, and you honor the officers that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

JOAN MURPHY: So it is only fitting children walking by every day will see Laura Schwartzenberger's name on their way to Rockway Middle School, where she made such an impression. An impression that will live on for years to come. In Westchester, Joan Murray, CBS 4 News.