Can South Hill resident Allen Stone beat Michael Bolton on NBC's 'American Song Contest'?

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Mar. 10—Allen Stone never dreamed he would battle Michael Bolton. But the Spokane singer-songwriter will go toe-to-toe — or more like lyric-to-lyric — against the veteran balladeer as they compete on NBC's "American Song Contest."

"I'm excited about being part of this," Stone said from his South Hill home. "It's a super-cool opportunity to get my music out there."

"American Song Contest" is a music reality TV show based on the Eurovision Song Contest. All 50 states, five territories and Washington, D.C., will compete for the title of Best Original Song. The contest commences March 21, and the champion will be announced May 9. Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson are the hosts.

"I'm so excited about representing the state of Washington," Stone said. "It's an honor considering how many great songwriters there are in our state."

Each contestant will deliver an original song. "A Little Bit of Both" is the title of the tune Stone crafted for the show.

"It's a new song that I recently wrote," Stone said. "It's about duality. We're not all of anything.

"We're a little bit of everything. We all have good and evil, and that's what's in the song."

The exposure is going to be massive.

"Any time I can write a song that can be heard by 15 million people, I'm in," Stone said. "This is going to be interesting. The 'American Song Contest' is less 'American Idol' and 'The Voice' and more like a beauty contest."

Since there is one representative from each state and territory, it's akin to Miss America. There is no word on who will judge the contest.

"That's secret, so people won't send them bribes," Stone cracked.

But Stone, 35, doesn't care who is on the panel as long as Snoop Dogg is host.

"I'm going to try to weasel away to get with Snoop with the hope that I get to burn one with him in his trailer," Stone said. "That would be amazing.

"That guy's career blows my mind. He's got a cooking show ('Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party') with Martha Stewart, and he writes songs about killing cops. The fact that his career went into this wholesome direction with the cooking show is a testament to his capabilities. I love Snoop Dogg."

Stone's episode is scheduled to air April 11, and the results episode is slated for April 18.

"I'm excited since the Eurovision Show has been around for a long time," Stone said. "It's been around for 50 years (actually 65 years), and each country is represented with a singer. It's going to be fun to complete."

What will Stone do with the prize if he wins "American Song Contest?"

"I don't know what I'll do with it, since I don't know what you win," Stone said while laughing. "I hope to win, but I want to go as far as I can and get as much exposure as possible."