South Jersey non-profit sends care packages to troops overseas

Hundreds of troops are greeted with boxes full of Girl Scout Cookies, Tastykakes, beef jerky, and more thanks to this South Jersey non-profit.

Video Transcript

- Look at this. Amazing.

- If I have to stand in the rain and put in the extra hours to do this for our military that are making it, so we have these freedoms, that's what I'm going to do.

- They're going in the buses.

- It's very important to me, because my son is also enlisted. Months would go by, and we would have no contact with him. And as a parent, that makes you wonder. You just want to hear their voice, and that's one of the reasons why we're doing this. I can put my anxiety or my energies towards something positive.

- I appreciate it. Thank you for your service.

- Yes, sir.

DAVID SILVER: We take it for granted. We forget they're deployed and making these sacrifices. So each and every week, our volunteers pack, and sort, and ship care packaged items. We call it a hug in a box. I saw how much they loved getting Girl Scout cookies, and tasty cakes, and beef jerky, and things like that. It's a lot of items that they can't get in the Middle East.

We get requests every week. I don't get any mail. My family has no money. How do I get a package myself? Or we get females saying, I'm here. It's 120 degrees in the desert, and they only have Old Spice. Can you send me some female deodorant?

- There you go.

- And we do about 2,000 of these year, and they cost about 30 bucks apiece to ship.

Thank you.

Fundraising's been impossible. Donations have been down, but the request for care packages haven't stopped.

- You know, the holidays they miss or the loved ones they don't get to see, some people have to sacrifice things, so the rest of us who don't have to. And that's very admirable.

- Thank you.

I get to go home at night and tuck my children in the bed or kiss my wife goodnight. They don't, so we need to remember that. And the community has definitely done that today.