'Parasite' director makes Oscar history

South Korean film "Parasite" has seen breakthrough success for an international movie.

It's a wickedly dark satire about class struggle in modern Seoul.

And after winning top prize at last year's Cannes festival, it could now take home Oscars in six categories, a first for the country's film industry.

Director Bong Joon-ho was astonished to hear the news.

He's become the first Korean filmmaker in history nominated for the Best Director Oscar.


"I was on the couch of my apartment watching the livestream on my iPad. Every time they announced the new nominations, it was so thrilling, because we didn't really anticipate any of this. When we were creating the film, we never knew that it would lead to this moment, so it was very exciting and such a great joy."

Parasite also snagged coveted best picture, best screenplay and best international feature nominations.

Bong said his film is a sign that language is no longer a barrier to global success.


"These nominations contribute to making these language barriers less significant and at the same time, you know, we can say that thanks to the internet, social media and these streaming services, the entire society is experiencing less of these language barriers and perhaps Parasite benefited from that global trend."

The movie has already taken home multiple prizes this award season, including the Foreign Language statuette from the Golden Globes.

It could make history again at the Oscars on February 9th.

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