South Miami Children's Clinic Holds 'Second Dose' Event Focused On Communities In Need

The emphasis of the event is to bring awareness to the importance of getting the COVID vaccine and to get those fully vaccinated to spread the word to family and friends in the community.

Video Transcript

- The race to vaccinate South Florida pushed on yesterday morning with a second dose event focused on communities in need. The South Miami Children's Clinic welcomed recipients of the second shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Doctors put an emphasis on getting the now fully vaccinated people to spread the word to others as ambassadors. To help do just that, they gave out masks and bumper stickers with messaging in English, Spanish Creole and Jamaican Patois.

TINA CARROLL-SCOTT: Today, everyone will get their second Pfizer vaccine, and within two weeks, they'll be fully immunized. And the message for me is, you know, for all of the people here, is to now get family, friends, co-workers, whoever is still hesitant about getting this vaccine or fearful, to spread the message that this is our best hope to end this pandemic.

- The tagline on those masks and stickers, pretty simple. I trust this vaccine more than this virus.