South: Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminate 60 units of aggressors equipment and kill 70 invaders

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Olha Hlushchenko Wednesday, 15 June 2022, 01:21

Ukrainian military personnel have killed 70 invaders and eliminated 60 units of aggressors’ military equipment on the southern borders of the defence over the past 24 hours.

Source: "Pivden" ("South") Operational Command on Facebook

Quote: "Occupying troops attempted air strikes twice. Our unit, using a portable anti-aircraft missile system, shot down an enemy helicopter in the morning. Another enemy Mi-8 attacked the river crossing in the afternoon, trying to limit the manoeuvres of our units."

"In response, our aircraft carried out 3 attacks on a concentration of Ruscist manpower and military equipment in the Kherson region. Missile strikes were also inflicted on fuel depots and another area of equipment ​​concentration. Two enemy command and observation posts were neutralised."

"In total, our units have completed a series of fire missions over the past 24 hours and inflicted enemy losses amounting to 70 Ruscists and over 60 units of enemy military equipment."

Details: In the south of Ukraine, the Armed Forces eliminated, among others, the following targets:

1 helicopter,

1 Peony self-propelled gun,

1 Grad multiple rocket launcher,

3 howitzers 152 mm,

19 armoured vehicles,

33 automotive vehicles,

4 units of engineering equipment.

Additionally, 2 warehouses containing ammunition have been destroyed.