South: Ukrainian Armed Forces kills 36 invaders, eliminates aggressors tanks and Grad multiple rocket launcher

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Olha Hlushchenko - Saturday, 21 May 2022, 02:18

Ukrainian military personnel killed 36 invaders and destroyed three T-72 tanks, a "Grad" multiple rocket launcher and automotive vehicles in the south over the past 24 hours.

Source: "Pivden" ("South") Operational Command, on Facebook

Quote: "The enemy continues to conduct operations and engineering works at their positions, along with the preparation of reserve retreating frontiers on the Mykolayiv and Kherson fronts."

"They [the aggressors -ed.] have not been carrying out offensive operations for a long time."

"The enemy is ruthlessly opening artillery and mortar fire at the positions of our troops and civilian settlements, carrying out about 70 shelling attacks every day."

"Such actions are used both as an element of civilian intimidation and as attempts to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, local residents of the occupied territories eloquently prove that they believe only in Ukraine in response to such provocations."

"For example, today a blue and yellow flag was hoisted over the Kherson railway station."

Details: Multiple rocket launchers struck at Mykolaiv suburbs again at dusk. Suburban infrastructure has been affected. No casualties have been reported.

"The enemy carried out two airstrikes using aircraft in the Odesa region. Embodying one of the iconic messages of their mad dictator, the Ruscists apparently tried to ‘give a swirlie’ to the centre of nazism and destroyed the beach toilet," a statement said.

Subsequently, the invaders hit an industrial fertilizer plant. There was an explosion, and the plant caught fire. However, Ukrainian State Emergency service units quickly extinguished the fire. No casualties or environmental damage has been reported.

Ukrainian missile and artillery units and aircraft inflicted the following losses on the aggressors over the past 24 hours: 36 invaders, 3 T-72 tanks, a "Grad" multiple rocket launcher and automotive vehicles.

The aggressors' naval group is represented by 7 large landing ships and the mandatory presence of at least one cruise missile carrier.

"The situation on the border with Transnistria is stable and under control. Counter-sabotage measures are underway, reliable protection of the state border is ensured, the situation in the unrecognised republic is constantly monitored, the defence forces of southern Ukraine are ready to perform their assigned tasks," "Pivden" ("South") Operational Command said