South: Ukrainian Armed Forces strikes over 100 Russian positions in 24 hours

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Olha Hlushchenko - Friday, 13 May 2022, 02:03

The Ukrainian military defending the southern borders of Ukraine have carried out over 100 strikes on the aggressors’ positions over the past 24 hours, killing 57 Russian invaders and destroying 60 units of Russian military equipment.

Source: "Pivden" (South) Operational Command on Facebook

Quote: "The aggressors have realised that they had fallen into a legislative trap with a pseudo-referendum and the incorporation of the Kherson region into Russia.

And while the collaborators of the fake government are looking for ways to legitimise the illegal, Ukrainian flags are appearing on the streets of temporarily occupied Kherson as evidence that the population does not accept the symbols, power and way of life imposed by the enemy."

"The enemy continued to barrage with artillery and rocket volleys in the Mykolaiv region.

The enemy is exerting psychological pressure on civilians by targeting and hitting industrial, urban and suburban infrastructure. The enemy is trying to coerce them to accept the ‘Russian world’ in exchange for the fear of shelling."

Details: Missile and artillery units, as well as aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out over 100 strikes on aggressors’ positions over the past 24 hours.

The total losses amounted to: 57 invaders, 60 units of armoured and 3 motor vehicles.

"The enemy continues to undermine the situation around the construction of a land corridor from Crimea to Transnistria in the Odesa region, the dragging of military forces of the unrecognised republic into the war with the West, and other horrible fake news about the concentration of nationalist units in the region," "Pivden" (South) Operational Command reported.

Russia's naval group off the Ukrainian shores of the Black Sea consists of 4 ships and 2 submarines carrying over 30 Kalibr cruise missiles. Therefore, missile strikes targeting the south and the entire territory of Ukraine are anticipated.

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