A Southwest Airlines flight attendant alleges she caught 2 pilots watching a livestream of the plane's bathroom

Kat Tenbarge
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    I'm sure it isn't airline policy to have cameras in restrooms. That doesn't mean the pilots weren't doing it.
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    Why are pilots lookin at anything unrelated to flying the plane?
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    She should have waited until the bathroom was vacant...and grabbed the camera. Evidence. As things stand, it's her word against at least two pilots.
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    Why didn't she go into the bathroom and just take the camera? Then the camera would be turned over to authorities and they could easily see what IP's it had connected too.
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    There’s this bar I frequent. Pilots stay drinking until 2am. Then fly out next morning. So much for the airlines keeping an eye out for the pilots.
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    Fantastic, yahoo. Just repeat the same text twice, to make it appear that this "article" is longer and more informative.
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    Imagine your toilet footage ending up on some sordid dark web fetish site. Now imagine your child's. Could and would happen.
    A Southwest flight attendant claims two pilots were livestreaming footage from the airplane's bathroom onto an iPad in the cockpit in a lawsuit against the company.
    The federal lawsuit was filed for the District of Arizona alleges that Arizona based flight attendant, Renee Steinaker, discovered the alleged act in February 2017.
    The incident is said to have occurred on Flight 1088 between Pittsburgh and Phoenix.
    Arizona Republic reports that a little over two hours into the flight, pilot Capt. Terry Graham asked Steinaker, 43, to come to the cockpit so he could use the restroom.
    Flight attendant 'caught two pilots livestreaming hidden-camera footage from the bathroom
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    Meachy |
    Its Southwest, just be glad they even have a bathroom. Pretty sure that thing will be phased out to create another middle seat.
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    It happened in 2017 and nothing has been done yet???
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    People don't realize how boring it is to fly an airplane. It is like driving a bus, without the exciting stops to pick up passengers. But if it were me, I would have live-streamed my favorite cooking show on PBS. The bathroom?..............