Southwest Airlines briefly grounded after second system issue in 2 days

Southwest Airlines services were disrupted for a second day in a row as flights were temporarily grounded Tuesday over computer issues.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop for Southwest flights as the airline "resolved a reservation computer issue," the agency said. The ground stop lasted for about 45 minutes.

Southwest said in a statement that it was resuming normal activity after "intermittent performance issues with our network connectivity."

"Our Teams are working quickly to minimize flight disruptions and Customer impact," the statement said. "We appreciate our Customers' patience as we work to get them to their destinations."

It was the second straight day that Southwest Airlines passengers' journeys were delayed. Flights were grounded Monday over an issue with the company's weather data provider.

"We are looking into both issues but we don't have reason to believe they're related," the airline said.

There were 1,418 delays and 489 cancellations from Southwest on Tuesday, according to FlightAware, a site that tracks global airline cancellations and other issues. That was in addition to the 1,398 delays the site recorded Monday night.