Southwest Baltimore Police Station blocked off; shooting being investigated

McKenna Oxenden, The Baltimore Sun
·1 min read

Southwest Baltimore Police Station at 424 Font Hill is blocked off early Wednesday night while a shooting is being investigated.

Baltimore County Police said they are responding to the shooting.

The city police department referred all questions to county police.

Dozens of detectives and officers are investigating the scene. Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt is also there.

William Feldman was standing in the street talking with his friends when he noticed a Baltimore County patrol car try to pull over a truck.

The truck stopped in front of the Southwestern District police station, Feldman said, and at least three officers started shouting “Put your hands up.”

Feldman said the individual got out of the car and officers then shouted, “Drop your weapon.”

The 55-year-old said he heard officers shout the commands at least three times.

Feldman said he saw the man turn toward officers and then he heard five shots.

Living in the neighborhood for 38 years, Feldman said an incident like this is “unbelievable.”

“This is supposed to be a safe neighborhood, especially living next to a police station,” he said. “It has me rattled. It’s always been safe until today.”

This story will be updated.