Southwest and Boeing had a 'reckless, greedy conspiracy' to keep the 737 Max flying despite knowing about its flaws, a new lawsuit alleges

Sinéad Baker
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    Profit is a powerful motivating factor. I'm not sure if Southwest is a guilty as charged, but I think of incidents like the Ford/Firestone fiasco. If you read the Wiki about that situation, it was like pulling teeth to get Ford or Firestone to take responsibility. Its an interesting read if you are so inclined.
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    A Lions Air pilot was able to disable the anti-stall system and landed the plane safely the day before the crash. Question is why the plane's defective AOA was not replaced and the problem reported. The pilot that crashed the plane the following day did not know how to disable the anti-stall software. The second crash could have been avoided if the AOA was fixed after the flight with the incident, or the problem reported, or the pilot received the proper training.
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    So when autos have defects .We all can sue the auto company?
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    Have to wait to see the evidence here and how it actually is said to involve Southwest. Seems far-fetched. Buying all Boeing planes is proof? I think it would make sense to make scheduling pilots easier if you only have to worry about pilots knowing one type of plane. And it certainly makes sense from a maintenance point of view. So even if they come up with some reason it is proof of collusion, there are other logical reasons to only fly one type of plane.
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    I remember SWA pilots being quoted at the time that details were coming out after the crashes, saying they’d never been given the full story behind the
    MCAS issues.
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    Gary W
    So they were traumatized because they didn't even know until after they flew that they were on a Max 8? Sounds more like greedy lawyers. I get that people don't want to fly on one now. But unless there was some mitigating factors, like the plane pitched and they were scared to death, then find later it was a Max 8, this is a frivolous suit.
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    I do not see the premise? No one was injured or lost funds or wages. Now people are suing for a "what if"? No one twisted their arms to fly Southwest. They are consumers and could have flown anyone else! Again, I do not see the issue for a lawsuit!
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    I flew on a South West 737 MAX in November of last year. I asked the flight attendants how they liked it vs. the older version. Both did not even know they were on a 737 MAX. I did not experience anything different compared with the many other flights I have taken with SW.
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    Lawyer "So how many southwest planes have crashed" Defendant "Zero". Judge "Case dismissed"
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    Eleven people that none of which suffered any ill effect are suing the two companies? Makes my head hurt.