Southwest flight attendant walks plane aisle with baby to give tired mother a break

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A Southwest Airlines flight attendant is being lauded online over her kind deed for a weary traveler.

Savannah Blum, an elementary school teacher, was traveling home to Nevada on Saturday with her husband, Marcus, and their 19-month-old daughter, Brittain, after visiting relatives in Austin, Texas.

The family had just boarded a connecting flight from Las Vegas to Reno when the toddler began throwing a fit, WNBC reports.

As soon as the meltdown began, Blum says a flight attendant, who she identified only as Jessica, approached the family and reached out for Brittain, saying, "Come here, baby. I got her, Mama. You go sit down."

Blum immediately began recording on her cellphone as Jessica started walking down the aisles of the plane, closing overhead bins with Brittain on her hip.

Enjoying the attention, the toddler immediately calmed down and even began blowing kisses at fellow passengers on the plane — an act which was met by a wave of "awws."

Blum shared footage of the moment on Facebook, writing, "Everyone loves this little girl — even Southwest passengers and flight attendants." It has since racked up over 31,000 views and dozens of comments calling the video "priceless" and "precious."

In a statement, Southwest praised the kind deed, writing that its employees "take great pride in delivering our legendary Southwest Hospitality, so it's not surprising that one of our amazing Flight Attendants shared her Southwest Heart while helping to care for one of our youngest customers in such a sweet, fun way!"

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