2 Southwest Planes Collide On Tarmac At Nashville Airport

Two Southwest Airlines planes collided Saturday night while they were pushing back from their respective gates at Nashville International Airport. The airline told AP in a statement that no injuries were reported in the crash, but photos from after the incident appear to show some damage sustained by at least one of the two jets.

Southwest spokeswoman Michelle Agnew told AP that the winglet of Southwest Flight 1555, which had been bound for St. Louis, “came into contact” with the winglet of Southwest Flight 4580, which had been scheduled to fly to Atlanta. (A winglet is the small, upturned part at the end of a plane’s wings.)

A photograph taken by a passenger aboard the Atlanta-bound flight appeared to show the other plane’s damaged winglet following the collision. The tip of the winglet — and the letter “S” from the word “Southwest” — had been ripped off.

This photo taken by a passenger onboard a Southwest Airlines flight to Atlanta on Saturday appears to show the damage sustained by another Southwest Airlines plane after the two jets collided. (Photo: Associated Press)

The planes were able to return to the gates “under their own power” and were taken out of service to be evaluated, Agnew said.

Passengers on the two aircraft were put on other flights to continue to their planned destinations, CNN reported.

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