'Space bubbles' offer safety at NYC restaurant

Fifteen plastic bubbles were set up on the sidewalk next to Café du Soleil, a French restaurant on Manhattan's Upper West Side, to keep its diners safe during a global health crisis.

CUSTOMER VALERIE WORTHY: "Well, I can tell you that with everything going on in this world, eating in a bubble is about one of the best experiences we can have."

Cafe Du Soleil owner, Alain Chevreux, said he found the bubbles on the internet in July for $400 dollars a pop.

ALAIN CHEVREUX: "I said to myself, you know, what am I going to do in the fall when the weather is cold but not too cold? And I said, I have to look for some tent online. So, I went online, and I found this bubble."

Chevreux says buying the bubbles was well worth the investment, as customers come just to sit in one.

ALAIN CHEVREUX: "Each time now we get a phone call, it's only about being able to sit inside those bubbles. That's what the consumer told me about the bubbles. That's how they feel about it. And we experience it every night. They love it. The kids love it. The families love it. Friends who want to get together love it. As a matter of fact, it was raining a couple of weeks ago, midweek, pouring, raining. Everybody that was inside those bubbles were having a blast."

Chevreux says each bubble can sit up to six people and takes only a minute to set each one up.

CUSTOMER SYLVIA GONZALEZ: "When I saw it, as soon as I came in, I said, wait a minute, it looks like Cinderella's carriage. It's beautiful. I like it. I like it. It's very... quiet. It's comfy. Really nice."

CUSTOMER BLANCA MORALES: "You feel like you have your own space."

On Friday, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio made the city's outdoor dining permanent and "year-round," but Chevreux says he's not sure how long into the year he can use his bubbles.

ALAIN CHEVREUX: "When the weather gets very cold, you can have as many bubbles as you have, but I'm not sure it's gonna do the trick."

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