Space models glow at Czech planetarium

STORY: These inflatable models of the Sun, Earth, Moon and Mars glow at night

at the Planet Festival in the Czech Republic

Location: Brno

[Jiri Dusek, Director of Brno Observatory and Planetarium]

"They (the visitors) are surprised. Because these models are big and the diameter of this model is 10 meters (33 feet). So, the Moon is real big and the Earth is very real big, and Mars, the same. So, and, during the evenings and the night, it looks like a real planet."

The models will be on display until August 11

"The park is in the dark and the people are walking around these model and take the photos, selfies and discuss about this model. We have our special staff, our volunteers, who can discuss with them, if they want to know more, for more information. And we have special materials in our Facebook, or on our webpage. There is a game, for the kids: 'what you know about these bodies'. So it's a complex programme, but I think that for us the most important, is first impression, to see these models in the the dark."