Spaceballs 2 Hoping For 2016 Shoot

On the back of the recent ‘Force Awakens’ box office bonanza it’s been suggested that the long proposed ‘Spaceballs’ sequel could be greenlit.


All the way back in September, Mel Brooks admitted on the Adam Carolla podcast that he’d be interested in moving ahead with ‘Spaceballs: The Search For More Money’ because of the surge in popularity of the ‘Star Wars’ films, which would increase the chances of a big weekend for the comedy follow-up.

Now Bloody Disgusting have reported that during a recent podcast appearance Mel Brooks declared that he’d like to start filming ‘Spaceballs 2′ in early 2016, and he hopes that some of the original cast will return.

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The website failed to provide any quotes, but it would make sense if a studio decided to throw some money behind a follow-up for the cult ‘Star Wars’ spoof, especially if the likes of Bill Pullman and a certain Rick Moranis decided to return.

But there are also a few solid reasons why it’s still far from certain though. Mainly that ‘Spaceballs’ only grossed $38.1 million from its $22.7 million budget back in 1987, while as both John Candy and Joan Rivers have sadly died since its release and Moranis has retired, it would be a big ask to replicate the camaraderie of the original.


While at 89 Mel Brooks clearly isn’t in his prime anymore, it would still be interesting to see what he could muster up in response to the prequels and ‘Force Awakens’.

But, unfortunately, since Brooks’ last film ‘Dracula: Dead And Loving It’ was released 20 years ago, it’s safe to say that it’s still only got any outside chance of actually happening.

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