Spacewalking astronauts work on ISS plumbing

NASA astronauts took a spacewalk on Saturday to rearrange space station plumbing, careful to avoid toxic ammonia coolant still lingering in the lines. (March 13)

Video Transcript

- And you ready for me to come out?

- Yeah. Safety tethers are kind of hanging out in the hatchway.

- Rodger.

- And the weather is great. Shut the door for Chris.

- Rodger.

- This view of Mike Hopkins egressing the quest airlock, coming from the inside of the equipment lock portion. And the camera we saw Soichi Noguchi setting up earlier. Already outside the hatch, he is joining NASA's Victor Glover. You'll be able to tell them apart today by the stripes on their spacesuits. Hopkins is wearing an unmarked suit. Meanwhile, Victor Glover will have red rings around the legs of his spacesuit.

- Rodger.

- I just want to get my headset.

- The circle with the green LEDs.

- Rodger.

- I see one, two, three. Actually, your BRT tab looks a little different than the other two. Come this way. OK.

- I'm at M three. So far, the white band is visible.