SpaceX Starship explodes after test flight landing

SpaceX's futuristic Starship has exploded after what looked to be a successful touchdown. (March 3)

Video Transcript

- Three, two, one, ignition. We have liftoff.



- SC2, please prepare for section 35. OSC, FC1, LVM.

- T-plus 30 seconds. Starship 10 has liftoff. It's headed to 10 kilometers on its test flight from Boca Chica in Cameron County, Texas.

Coming up on T-plus four minutes, we're at 10 kilometers. We've gone into the hover, we're still being powered by the single Raptor engine.

T-plus four minutes and 40 seconds. Starship has transitioned, it's flipped to the horizontal mode. Beginning the descent back to the landing zone.