Spain reopens to all vaccinated tourists

Spain has reopened to tourists from all over the world who can show they've been vaccinated.

Monday's (June 7) move is intended to revive the country's battered holiday industry.

Spain was the world's second most visited country before the global health crisis struck.

But foreign arrivals plunged 80% last year as travel restrictions hit.

Entry is now allowed to all travellers regardless of country of origin.

That includes arrivals from the U.S., with this man one of the first to benefit:

"Flight is beautiful. People are beautiful. A little confusion on the New York side between the QR code and what the Spanish health form is but other than that it is just a lovely trip."

Since May 24 Spain has allowed entries from 10 non-EU countries deemed low risk.

That includes the UK - the largest source of holidaymakers in the country.

Now the new easing of restrictions comes as infections rates fall.

Vaccinations have also progressed fast, enabling most regions to lift curfews.

On Monday Madrid's main airport was still only seeing a trickle of its usual arrivals.

But officials hope that will soon become a flood.

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