Spain's coronavirus death toll surpasses that of China

Spain registered a jump of over 730 deaths from coronavirus on Wednesday (March 25) - pushing its death toll above that of China for the first time.

With over 3,400 fatalities - Spain now has the second-highest number of deaths globally after Italy - where over 6,800 people have died.

Spain is struggling to cope with the soaring number of infections - and public services are overwhelmed.

Police have set up testing tents in a bid to cope, and members of a Spanish military unit have disinfected nursing homes, where dozens have been found dead across the country, health centers and public spaces - including a fish market and a port terminal.

An Olympic-sized ice-skating rink in Madrid has even been turned into a makeshift morgue.

Spanish medical staff, who themselves account for thousands of infected cases, have taken out lawsuits against the government, complaining of a lack of basic protective equipment like masks, scrubs and gloves.

The Spanish army has asked NATO for ventilators, protective gear and testing kits.

Spain is in the middle of a 15-day nationwide lockdown - which is likely to be extended to 30 days.

Schools, bars, restaurants and most shops are closed, social gatherings are banned and people are confined to their homes.