Spain's volcano is still erupting, leaving misery

The volcano that has caused chaos and destruction on the island of La Palma, in Spain, has now been erupting for a month...

... and authorities say there's no end in sight, leaving heartache for the towns here and people who live in them.

The Cumbre Vieja volcano has now destroyed almost 2,000 buildings and covered over 1,800 acres in lava. Many animals like dogs have been left homeless or abandoned.

This drone is bringing food to ones they found stranded.

About 83,000 people live here and 7,000 of them have been forced to evacuate. For many of those who haven't, the ash coats everything.

This waitress is telling us her throat hurts because of the falling ash, like a bad allergy. She has to constantly sweep it off the tables.

On one of the neighboring islands this man says he'd gone on vacation, but now the lava is only 250 meters from his house. The sadness is immense, he says.

The Canary Islands depend on tourism but the event has disrupted flights in and out of La Palma. The lava has also destroyed banana and avocado plantations, another major part of the local economy.

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