Spanish firms swap parties for gift boxes

Christmas parties may be all but cancelled this year but companies in Spain are finding other ways to thank their employees this holiday season.

Enter the Christmas gift basket.

The businesses behind these parcels say that with the cancelling of Christmas dinners, many budgets are being switched to this instead.

Reporting better-than-expected sales.

Moises Barrios from Rojas Barrios Christmas basket company says one thing hasn't changed this year.

There is still a favourite gift.

"As always the king of the basket is the ham and Iberian shoulder, depending on the budget. Generally company's budgets vary from 60 to 80 euros, depending on the situation. But this budget has been maintained and because of the cancellation of parties, has even increased."

Containing everything from wine to candy, the holiday baskets are a common way in Spain to thank employees for their work over the past year.

With many customers struggling, companies specialised in selling the packages had expected 2020 to be a bust.

Just like during the 2008 financial crisis.

Instead they've been pleasantly surprised that some industries have actually increased their orders and new clients have appeared.

And with the focus in 2020 being very much on health, some companies are cashing in.

Throwing in a special deal with a private health insurance firm along with the basket.

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