Spanish man charged with willingly infecting 22 people with COVID-19

Brandon Sapienza, New York Daily News
·1 min read

Spanish National Police arrested a 40-year-old man living in the town of Manacor on the island of Mallorca for allegedly infecting 22 people with COVID-19.

“The alleged perpetrator, despite having symptoms and having undergone a PCR test, continued his normal life without waiting for the result or maintaining a quarantine, going to work with more than 40 degree Celsius fever according to several of his colleagues,” police said in a statement.

The transmission is believed to have occurred in the office in which he works and at a gym. Among those infected are “several minors, including three babies as young as one years old.”

While at work, colleagues said that he was lowering his facemask, coughing recklessly, and at one point said, “I’m going to give you all coronavirus,” according to investigators.

Police said that the investigation began “at the end of January when authorities learned of the existence of a COVID-19 outbreak in a well-known establishment in Manacor.”

To date, there have been nearly 3.5 million cases of COVID-19 in Spain. Nearly 78,000 have died according to Johns Hopkins University.