Special election for Jacksonville sheriff: Interview with candidate Lakesha Burton

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Duval County voters have a big decision coming up -- who will become the next sheriff?

That person will lead an agency of more than 3,000 employees with a $550 million budget. Action News Jax has highlighted each of the five candidates running for sheriff, including Lakesha Burton. You can watch our full interview with Burton below.

Lakesha Burton

Lakesha Burton is a 20-year veteran of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. She started as an officer on the street and worked her way to Assistant Chief of Community Engagement and then most recently, as a zone commander.

When asked what the main priority is she would address, Burton responded, “I believe that is the culture. I think that law enforcement has evolved over the years. And the fact that we have such a young agency, the Jacksonville sheriff’s office is very different than it was just five years ago. So again, you have younger, more innovative officers, and it’s this opportunity to cultivate a more well-rounded officer.”