Special gloves claim to stop hand tremors

Sue was diagnosed with a disorder called "essential tremor" five years ago.

And now finds even the most basic tasks a challenge.

But newly designed special gloves are helping people with Sue's condition and Parkinson's disease regain control of their lives.


"To me it's a big thing not being able to put a bit of make-up on and not to be able to put a necklace on and change my earrings. If I want to change my earrings I can't do it unless there's somebody here to help me. I just can't get them in and out. I can't paint my nails anymore, my daughter does them for me. I can't cut my nails, I can't cut my toe nails. There's all sorts of things that I can't do but this...these (GyroGloves) are going to enable me to do a bit more and keep more of my independence instead of losing it day by day."

The gloves have built-in spinning gyroscopes.

Mounted on the back of the hand, it counters any tremor, smoothing out the shakes.

Developer Faii Ong was inspired to tackle hand tremors while caring for an elderly woman in hospital who was struggling to feed herself soup.


"So we have an aerospace-grade gyroscope in this. It functions exactly like a top. So as a top spins it tries to stay upright. So in the same way with this the glove actually counteracts your hand tremors immediately and instantaneously. So as you shake it automatically cancels out the shakes."

Ong put his medical career on hold to develop the product.

He hopes it'll be given medical approval in the US and EU next year.

And for sufferers like Sue they say it's the helping hand they need.