Special operation Barynia: part of extracted Russian soldiers want to be sent back to Russia – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Some of the 11 Russian servicemen brought to Ukraine during Operation Barynia are now willing to come back to Russia as part of an exchange. Ukraine will not inform the Russian side that they have surrendered voluntarily.

Source: Andrii Yusov, representative of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence (DIU), on the air during the national joint 24/7 newscast

Quote: "In contrast to the operation with the Mi-8 helicopter, where the pilot himself had contacted representatives of the Ukrainian special services, the DIU reached Lieutenant Alfyorov in this case.

... [we reached him] through social media. This contact was successful. Although he was a staff military officer, Alfyorov opposed the war against Ukraine and was forced to sign the contract. He was reluctant to be a war criminal and condemned the actions of the Putin government.

Therefore, the interaction with thorough checks had begun.

... Some of the 11 extracted Russian soldiers are considering coming back to Russia as part of an exchange. Ukraine will not indicate that they surrendered voluntarily."

Details: The intelligence officer noted that, as part of the operation, besides surrendering Russian soldiers, extremely valuable information was obtained, which resulted in saving the lives of Ukrainian servicemen and disrupting certain Russian plans.


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