Specialty's Bakery reopens for business in Bay Area

THE FAMOUS COOKIES ARE BACK! Bay Area's favorite cafe chain reopened its Mountain View location Monday after filing for bankruptcy during the height of the pandemic last year.

Video Transcript

- Meantime, a Bay Area business is celebrating a rebirth during the pandemic. Specialty's Bakery reopened its Mountain location today. In May, the Pleasanton-based company closed all 50 of its cafes across California, Washington, and Illinois, citing financial hardship. Then in July, the original co-founder stepped back in to buy the company back.

CRAIG SAXTON: We knew there was a big demand for Specialty's. And we also saw a chance to do a reset and kind of refresh the concept. So Ellis is our grand experiment. In the short term, though, we really just plan on this store. But we'll do a lot of deliveries as we always had. And we'll get a reach, you know, in terms of customer base doing that.

- Other Specialty's locations could reopen in a few months. We'll see. The cafe is debuting new sandwiches and salads, and those fan favorite cookies are still a staple.