Spectators Take In Rare Sunrise Eclipse On Jersey Shore

CBS2's John Elliott has the latest from Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

Video Transcript

JOHN ELLIOTT: All right, so this is a shot. We're here at Point Pleasant Beach. You can see we have multiple cameras here, but Chris Gay has got this gorgeous shot, and you can see it is not a full ring of fire here, but it almost looks like a crescent moon. That is not the moon. That is the sun. Just spectacular. So now I'm going to have Chris zoom out because I want you to meet some of my friends here. This is Raisi and Ricky. Raisi and Ricky, what time did you get up this morning to see the eclipse?

- We didn't go to sleep last night.



JOHN ELLIOTT: So what are you guys doing later today?

- We're having a final.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So they have their [? regents ?] exams today. They were up all night. Show them the glasses that you guys made. Now these are not official eclipse glasses, but I did-- thankfully, we have some of these official eclipse binoculars. How does it look through the binoculars? What's it look like?

- Looks really cool.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah. So what do you think? We didn't think we're going to see it, but this is great, right?

- Yep.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So thanks to dad, Joey, for showing up. And where's Sherrod? Come on in, Sherrod. So Sherrod-- Sherrod, where did you drive in from?

- Oh, from Hamilton, New Jersey near--

JOHN ELLIOTT: Near around Trenton, right?

- Trenton.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So what time did you get up this morning?

- Oh, around 4:30.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So Sherrod and I were talking. He thought, we were going to totally get ripped off, and this is spectacular, isn't it?

- This is incredible. You can't ask for anything better than this.

JOHN ELLIOTT: It's just enough-- there's just enough low level it obscures it a bit, but it really is amazing, isn't it?

- It was perfect like five minutes ago.


- It was so beautiful.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah. And then look-- thank you, Sherrod. And look it over here. Good morning, everybody.

- Good morning.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So what'd you think of it?

- Amazing. Amazing. It is gorgeous.

- It was just like out of nowhere.

- Yeah.

- We all just--

- We didn't think it was actually going to make it, but the clouds cleared and-- and--

- [? Breathtaking. ?]

- It's awesome.

JOHN ELLIOTT: And it's great now because it almost looks like a sun dog. You see that light shooting straight up? It's because it's obscured through the atmosphere. And then these young ladies, I don't even know if you can see me. Did you guys even know there was an eclipse this morning?

- No.

- No.

JOHN ELLIOTT: They just said, we just got up to see the sunrise. How cool is this?

- So cool. So-- it looks like the moon.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah. It looks like a crescent moon, but that is the sun. So anyway, and this guy's got all the professional gear. We've got families, we've got friends, we've got Don Collins. We're making Don a big star this morning too. So this, very, very cool. I don't know how much you can see, but just in the last few minutes, look at it. It came through that last bit of cloud, and now it is just spectacular. But you're seeing the big gears of our solar system working, and more and more of the sun as we say goodbye to this eclipse. Wow. This-- everybody, give it a big cheer.

- Woo!

- Yeah!

JOHN ELLIOTT: This was just great. See, Elise, this is why you should come down for the party, Elise, but thank you for helping us blow the clouds away. We'll send things back to you in the studio right now.

- Well, John.