Speeding dealership worker on test drive with customers slams into home, IL cops say

Screengrab from video by WLS.

A test drive ended with two customers in a hospital and a car dealership employee in handcuffs after crashing into a suburban Illinois home, police told news outlets.

The 18-year-old employee was driving a BMW with two passengers when he lost control of the vehicle on a residential street in Elmhurst on Monday, Dec. 5, the police department told TV station WGN.

The SUV barreled across the front yard and slammed into the home of Eric Bowgren, who was sitting in his office when he heard a loud crash, he told WLS.

“Corner of the house was blown out, so I think somebody lost control of the car and just drove through our house about 10 feet in front of me,” he said.

While the driver was unhurt, both customers suffered minor injuries and were taken to a hospital, the Daily Herald reported. Nobody in the house was injured.

The dealership employee was arrested on charges including reckless driving and speeding, outlets reported.

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