Spice Is Not Pregnant, Despite Maternity Shoot: Dancehall Queen Says She’s Celebrating The ‘Rebirth’ Of Herself After Near-Death Experience


Dancehall artist Spice addressed her recent Instagram posts and clarified that she is not pregnant.

Three days ago, she posted a photo that most assumed was a pregnancy announcement. Now, recently on Instagram Live, she officially declared she was not pregnant. The singer admitted she wasn’t celebrating a new baby but celebrating the second chance at life she had been given.

She began her live admitting that she wanted to be “open, honest and vulnerable” with her audience. Spice then went into detail about her hiatus from social media in October and November of 2022, stating that it was because she felt “attacked.”

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Spice addressed gossip surrounding her health and rumors about complications she had after a botched plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic.

With conflicting messages from her team and family and Spice unable to clear them up, people assumed the worst. The mother of two said she went to the island for privacy while getting her breast implants fixed. She told viewers they meet their life expectancy within “10 years.” She then claimed that while there, she spoke with doctors about the fibrosis in her stomach concerning the pain.

The surgery was a success, but the Love & Hip Hop star became ill while still in the DR.

Things took an unexpected turn for the worse while she was sick, doctors found a hernia in her side that ruptured her intestines.

The infection from the rupture caused septic shock in her body.

She continued stating the septic shock began to “eat away at her skin and affect her lungs.’

It got so bad it ate away at her entire stomach.

“I died in the DR. I literally died,” she said.

After providing more gruesome details, Spice is thankful for having another chance.

“Yeah, man, so, big up to Father God, big up to Jesus,” she said. “He literally gave me a new life and that’s what I’m celebrating, that’s all it is.”

She then proceeded to say that the alleged pregnancy announcement was representing a rebirth of herself.

“It was never intentionally done for the picture to offend anyone,” she explained. “So if it did offend anyone, then I apologize and I’m sorry if it offended you. But it was never about anything or anyone. Any woman that can’t get pregnant, I sympathize. I have friends and family that went through different things. Miscarriages, infertility- all of that.”

She added, “But it was never about that. It was just about celebrating my new life, giving God glory, giving God thanks for this new life. For this new journey. It’s like a rebirth. I’m a brand new person, I feel rejuvenated.”