Spice Tells Angela Yee's Lip Service Podcast That She Doesn't Masturbate Because It Welcomes Sex Demons

Grammy-nominated artist, Spice, was a guest on Angela Yee’s Lip Service Podcast and got honest about her thoughts on self-love. The ‘Queen of Dancehall‘ sat with the ladies to talk about her new album, sexual fantasies, and her thoughts on masturbation.

From the start, the interview was wild as Spice brought in a couple of male models to talk about penis size and introduce the ‘Tape Measure’ theory.

Angela Yee continued to pull Spice down a sexual memory lane and asked about her views on masturbation.

“Was it taboo to masturbate for you like growing up, you know, like to play with yourself was that ever an issue,” she asked at the 45:19 mark.

“So I used to play with myself, but when I got older and found out what comes with it, I stopped,” Spice replied.

“What comes with it,” asked co-host GiGi Maguire.

Spice laughed and gave a disclaimer, hoping people wouldn’t think her reply was crazy. “You know when you masturbate, you’re having sex with a sex demon.”

The hosts were obviously intrigued. Yee and Maguire agreed that they never heard of sex demons. Under Spice’s direction, Yee went to Google and Spice continued explaining.

“It’s a sex demon called Incubus and Succubus. You have a male sex demon and a female sex demon,” the artist/reality star described. “So when you masturbate, you’re having sex with a male sex demon and it will also be in a relationship with you and cause problems in your actual relationship.”

Yee and fellow co-host Stephanie Santiago found some evidence of this theory on Twitter.

“Masturbation is sex with demons. It destroys and defiles your body,” they read.


Music artist @Dremodrizzy tweeted something similar to the statement that the hosts read back in January of last year.

Yee wasn’t falling for it.

“I think you could find anything you want to find on the internet, though. Because we could find the exact opposite. What about a sex angel,” she rebutted.

Spice continued to try to convince the trio of what she knows.

Yee admits, “I feel like I’ve seen some Incubus and Succubus porn.”

“Yeah, it’s a sex demon that literally will have sex with you and fall in love with you,” Spice said as she continued to attempt to educate the ladies. “It will mash up your relationship so when your man asks to have sex with you, they get jealous.”  

Needing a solution to the problem, Santiago asks, “So what the hell am I supposed to do? Hell yea I masturbate, I ain’t got no man.”

Macguire added that the circumstances of her long-distance relationship require self-love.

Yee continued to read what she finds online.

“It’s saying it’s a superstition. They said that there’s a rather juicy description of a woman masturbating in the Song of Psalms in the Bible. She does not get into trouble for it. They said to ask the person who told you that to provide a book chapter and verse if they can’t do it call them a Pharisee.”

Yee playfully tells Spice to “go ahead and masturbate now. It’s fine.”

Whether you agree with Spice or are looking for an alternative perspective. Masturbation has been proven to be healthy.

As Blavity reported, self-play has many mental and physical benefits. Stress relief, self-esteem boosts, and endorphin release are just a couple of reasons to get to know your body.