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Spider photographer has a fetish for feet … all eight of them

Encyocratella olivacea sling, foot detail. A spider’s legs also pick up subtle changes in the air to hear and recognize smells. (Photo: Michael Pankratz/Caters News)

Spider photographer has a fetish for feet ... all eight of them

This macro photographer jokes about having a fetish for feet … all eight of them.

Michael Pankratz’s intriguing works focus specifically on the feet of tarantulas — an appendage that many have perhaps never focused on. The extreme close-ups of tarantulas’ “paws” show fine, colorful hairs and sharp claws.

Of his images, Michael said, “Through these macro lenses and their images we’re able to travel into the world of our minuscule subjects, to go eye-to-eye with them in a direct encounter.

“True, they’re experienced as larger than life — and yet the reality may be that it’s only in this manner that they’re seen and experienced as they genuinely are.”

The 54-year-old photographer said that he had actually developed a fair amount of arachnophobia in his younger years, but when dealing with tarantulas, those feelings would go away. (Caters News)

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