Spirit Airlines passenger accuses seatmate of assaulting her while she napped

22-year-old Tia Jackson recently claimed that she was assaulted on a Spirit Airlines flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Detroit, Michigan. Jackson told CNN that she was seated in the middle seat with her friend to one side . and a stranger seated in the aisle seat next to her. After leaning on her friend to take a nap, Jackson was later awakened by the stranger touching her. She initially dismissed it as a mistake, until she felt his hand slide down the back of her pants. Jackson said she reacted immediately, calling for help and yelling “hey! You are going to stop touching me! Get off of me”. The flight attendant responded to Jackson, offering to move her seat. However, she declined, as she didn’t want to leave her friend with the man. Jackson later spoke to the pilot while deboarding and was redirected to a gate agent. but she felt her complaints were being dismissed, and instead decided to file a police report. “He needs to be held responsible. He is a predator. He displays predatory behavior. Who knows who else he has done this to”. Spirit Airlines has since responded to the allegations, saying they are “supporting law enforcement as they investigate”