Spoiler Alert Movie Trailer: Here's Your First Look at the Film Adaptation of Michael Ausiello's Memoir

Focus Features on Thursday released a trailer for Spoiler Alert, the film adaptation of TVLine founder Michael Ausiello’s 2017 memoir, Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies.

Those of you who have been following Michael’s reporting for any significant span of time are likely familiar with his memoir, which chronicles his husband Kit Cowan’s diagnosis with a rare and merciless form of neuroendocrine cancer and the 11 months that followed (leading to Kit’s passing in February 2015).

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Sprinkled throughout Michael’s memoir are illuminating flashbacks to he and Kit’s 13+ years together.

As Aus once detailed, Kit was the unsung hero behind much of what he did, including here at TVLine. I for one will always remember the vintage Mario Bellini sofas that Kit procured (on loan from midcentury mecca Wyeth, he would always remind!) for one of our early video series.

All of which is a long way of saying…. I hope you will allow TVLine this rare departure from our editorial focus and share the trailer for Spoiler Alert, which will be a theatrical release (Dec. 2 in limited markets, before going wide on Dec. 16).

Directed by Michael Showalter from a screenplay by David Marshall Grant and Dan Savage, the biographical drama stars Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) as Michael, Ben Aldridge (Pennyworth) as Kit, and Academy Award winner Sally Field as Kit’s mom. The cast also includes Bill Irwin, Antoni Porowski, Nikki M. James and Jeffery Self.

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