Spokane Police Respond to 'Large' Crowds Celebrating Gonzaga NCAA Win

Gonzaga University fans celebrated in the streets of Spokane, Washington, after their team beat UCLA on Saturday, April 3, to progress to the NCAA Men’s Division I college basketball championship game.

Gonzaga won the game with a 3-point shot right at the final buzzer and will go on to face Baylor on April 5.

Spokane Police told local media that six couches were burned and a street sign was torn down as Gonzaga fans celebrated. Police also said there were “large” crowds in the streets after the win.

Bryant Hemphill said he filmed this footage of crowds celebrating near the Gonzaga University campus in Spokane on Saturday night. Credit: Bryant Hemphill via Storyful

Video Transcript

- You alright? Oh, no, come on guys. Yep.

- You alright? Oh, no, come on guys. Yep.