Sports-Crazy Kid Nails 'Half-Court Waterfall Basketball Touchdown'

Pint-size basketball fan and social media star Valentino paid tribute to another of his favorite sports – football – with a “basketball touchdown” at the family’s pool in Las Vegas, Nevada, as he eagerly anticipated two NFL games.

Footage shared by Brooke Guadagna on October 6 shows her son sinking a football in a basketball net from the diving area. Valentino and the other kids around him then cheer just before he dives into the pool.

Guadagna posted this video to YouTube after the Kansas City Chiefs played the New England Patriots, and the Green Bay Packers played the Atlanta Falcons in Week 4 of the NFL 2020 season.

“It might be fall, but these brothers are still doing waterfall trick shots in the pool,” she wrote.

Guadagna has previously told Storyful that both Valentino and his younger brother Luca “love all sports” but basketball is their passion and they “hope to both be in the NBA someday." The boys are both Golden State Warrior fans and their hero is Steph Curry.

Valentino and his brother Luca have become social media stars for videos of their incredible trick shots while their mother runs their social media accounts. Credit: Brooke Guadagna via Storyful