Sports Speak Up! On Boise State's Leon Rice, Nevada's Steve Alford, officiating and Todd Helton

Jan. 25—BOISE STATE basketball coach Leon Rice has concocted a conspiracy theory that UNM administrators purposely planted the UNM baseball team outside of the Broncos' locker room to harass his team before the second half began and wants the MWC to address the situation? Maybe he will go ahead and have the BSU football team line up to attempt to intimidate UNM for the return match in Boise? I don't think it would bother this Lobo team. Better yet, how about the two fan bases crossing paths in Las Vegas for the MWC tournament championship game?

— Lobo Town Resident

WHILE NO ONE could begrudge Alford for leaving UNM for UCLA, he could at least waited for the ink to dry on this his UNM contract extension before doing so. We loved him in Albuquerque but now he is public enemy #1. Nevada is rapidly supplanting SDSU as our most despised rival. We have to beat them in Albuquerque Feb. 7.

— Bob, UNM Area

LOBOS-NEVADA, Lobos up by 5, with the ball, 1 minute to go. Smart teams with smart coaches don't melt down and lose.

—Trampe Mike

I'VE BEEN ON this planet for nearly 70 years now, I've seen a lot of college basketball but I've never, ever seen a game as poorly officiated as the Lobos vs Nevada. The officials seemed to have swallowed their whistles as they allowed obvious push-off, over the back, hacking and other physical fouls on both teams. They didn't even manage to blow a whistle but still called a last ludicrous "flagrant" foul after watching a replay which basically decided the game.

— tarheelbill

I'M DISAPPOINTED that former Rockies first baseman Todd Helton fell 11 votes short of being elected to the MLB Hall of Fame.