Sports Speak Up! These fans aren't down on Lobos after loss at Nevada

Jan. 24—DESPITE THE Mountain West Conference scheduling Nevada for 6 days rest and UNM traveling to Reno on 3 days rest, the Lobos had victory in their hip pocket with a 5 point lead and possession of the ball with a little over a minute to go in the first overtime. They should have won the game. Instead, Alfie and Noodles go to 7-0 against UNM since they took over at Nevada. Can't let these two go to 8-0. The youngsters have turned up the volume and the noise level should be off the chart for the upcoming rematch in the Pit on February 7.

— NM Old Timer

THE MOST obvious reason the Lobos lost in double OT to Nevada was not the mismanagement by refs at the end of the second OT. It was the three turnovers in a row in the first OT that did the most damage. They probably had it won until that occurred.

— Dismayed Dave, Albuquerque

NOT SURE how much more we could ask of this superb Lobo basketball team. Just outstanding players, amazing offense, gritty and tough defense. I suppose if there is one thing on the wish list, it might be to give both Udeze and Allick an inch or two more height. The loss to Nevada in double OT showed just how tough this Lobo team is. This team will be fun to watch the rest of the way. Congrats to players and coaches on a great loss (I know, weird, right?)

— Ken in Tijeras

I HAVE BEEN a Cowboys fan since before there was a Super Bowl and will be until they put me 6 feet underground. I continue to hold on to hope for Super Bowl victory number six before I go. But ... the Cowboys are going nowhere with Dakota "Mr. Interception" Prescott, Ezekiel "Burntout" Elliot and Brett "Where's the goal post" Maher. For good measure Jerry "I know what I'm doing" Jones needs to be put out to pasture. Props to the Dallas defense, they did there jobs well, if only we had an offense to match.

— Lobodog

FOR THESE late-start Lobo basketball games, the ABQ Journal should always print a box score the day after the day after. We fans want to see and know about the details of the games.