Spotify can now produce playlists for your pooch

Spotify releases a playlist curation tool for pets.

Spotify's newest playlist creation tool is designed for your pet and its unique personality.

To keep listeners listening, Spotify is always curating playlists with specially selected content unique to each individual. In addition to automatically created albums like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, the platform also curates playlists with help from the user; in November, Spotify launched "Soundtrack your Ride," a tool that would design playlists for user road trips based on their answers to a series of questions regarding the trip. Now the company is launching a similar tool that will tailor music to your pet's tastes.

For the 71% of pet owners who play music for their pets and the 80% of owners who think their pets like music, Spotify launched a curation tool called Pet Playlists.

Opening up the tool will prompt users to answer a series of questions about their animal including the species -- dog, cat, bird, hamster, or iguana -- and its personality -- whether it's energetic, shy, or curious. Based on these answers and your personal music tastes, the platform will create a playlist consisting of 30 tracks for you and your pet to enjoy together.

Pet Playlists is available now at