Spotify Wrapped 2022: How to get your personalised music data

Spotify Wrapped 2022: How to get your personalised music data

Spotify Wrapped is back this week and we’re excited!

Described as “deep dive into the music and podcasts that defined your 2022”, subscribers get to find out their personalised music data.

The app reveals user’s favourite songs, artists, podcasts, and genres from the past year, as well as the amount of minutes you spent listening to music on the app, as well as the overall mood of your music. They’ll even tell you if you’re in the top one per cent of fans for your favourite artists.

Last year, Spotify surprised users that ranked among its top listeners with videos from artists thanking them for their support.

The data, usually revealed around 1 December, also publishes more general information on the most played artists across the world, as well as the most popular artists and albums in the UK.

Recently, it was revealed that Wrapped stops recording your music data from around October for the current year, to allow the company time to prepare the Wrapped curations.

This suggests that any music you listened to beyond October 2022 will not be included.

How to access your personalised Spotify wrapped when it’s ready:

You must be a Spotify subscriber in order to have a Wrapped curated for you.

For those subscribed with the app, you’ll be able to view your Wrapped later this week by logging into your app and clicking here (if on desktop) or searching “2022 Wrapped” on mobile.

Once you’ve opened your Wrapped, you’re able to share your results on social media. The app lets you post to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and TikTok.